Brahms: The Boy II - Cast, Review, & Release Date

Brahms: The Boy II - Cast, Review, & Release Date

The Boy II Movie Story

The Boy II is an upcoming 2020 Hollywood supernatural horror film. A family moves into the Heelshire Mansion. Unaware of its sinister history, they experience fear. Soon the young son becomes friends with an eerily lifelike doll named Brahms.

The Boy II Movie Star Cast

  • Katie Holmes as Liza
  • Owain Yeoman as Sean
  • Christopher Convery as Jude
  • Ralph Ineson as Joseph
  • Anjali Jay as Dr. Lawrence
  • Oliver Rice as Liam
  • Natalie Moon as Pamela
  • Daphne Hoskins as Sophie
  • Joely Collins as Mary
Directed by
  • William Brent Bell
Produced by
  • Matt Berenson
  • Gary Lucchesi
  • Tom Rosenberg
  • Jim Wedaa
  • Eric Reid
  • Roy Lee
  • Richard S. Wright
Written by
  • Stacey Menear
  • Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Edited by
  • Brian Berdan
Production companies
  • Lakeshore Entertainment
  • STXfilms
Distributed by
  • STX Entertainment

The Boy II Movie Release date

  • February 21, 2020 

The Boy II Movie Review

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